Chris James is a Parramatta resident on a mission. He wants to represent the residents of Rosehill Ward on Parramatta Council and ensure that their voices are heard above those of developers. Chris wants Parramatta’s development to reflect its rich history, diversity and culture. At the age of 26, Chris has qualifications in theatre and the finance sector, working in both for the past 8 years. He now works in his family agriculture business. Chris’s youth has given him a different outlook to much older candidates and insight into the needs of Parramatta youth. He is keen to ensure their needs and those of young families are addressed by councillors in all their decision making.

Chris James’ action plan has these priorities to improve the quality of life for the residents of Rosehill ward:
• Protecting renters rights and lobbying for affordable housing
• Ensuring more affordable, quality childcare
• Preserving our community-friendly green spaces and public facilities
• Placing the needs of residents and communities above the greed of developers
• Working to minimize the risk associated with asbestos contaminated earthworks in the ward