Kate stood for council on the Central Coast Greens ticket in 2012. Since then, she has worked as one of Hillary Morris’ support team and has a very good understanding of council processes and it’s recent history. She was, for a short time, an elected member of the Greens NSW Local Government Standing Committee.

Kate has lived on the Central Coast for over 20 years. For some of that time, she commuted to Sydney and understands the pressures felt by families who need to leave the Coast to work. As a candidate for the Central Coast Greens in several elections, and as a activist in a number of local campaigns – from the Gas Field Free Mountain Districts campaign to Gosford Waterfront – she is well known in the local community. Kate has a particular interest in the role Council can play in the following areas: creating job opportunities for young people and the long term unemployed; actively encouraging the relocation or creation of sustainable, green industries and enterprises on the Coast; confronting the challenges of climate adaptation and moving Council to a carbon neutral position; putting in place genuine community consultation processes; improving public transport and cycling options; and pursuing campaigns undertaken by previous Greens councillors such as single plastic bag bans, bans on wild animal circuses, protecting and extending wildlife corridors and strengthening heritage protection in the LGA.