Hi, my name is Avery Howard, and I am running for the North Ward of Liverpool City Council. I passionately believe that young people deserve to have our voice heard within local government.

I am a young anti-poverty activist who has participated in both local and national campaigns against cuts to Centrelink payments and privatised job service providers. Within this work, I have spoken widely about my experiences as someone personally affected by these punitive systems. I am also an LGBTQIA+ advocate, in which I have discussed my life as a non-binary person in an attempt to encourage other young queer people to connect and share their own stories.

Supported by the Greens, I am running on a platform of grassroots organisation and action. I feel there is a disconnect within our current council between the councillors and the community. My guarantee to you is that I will not stop listening to what you have to say.

I will use my passion from my work as an activist to campaign for:

  • Liverpool City Council to declare a climate emergency and contribute to net zero by 2030
  • $1 pool entry to Liverpool Council swimming pools and recreation centres
  • An increase in tree canopy to 40% to Cool our Council