City of Ryde Council

Our Councillors and Our Plans for Ryde
Christopher Gordon

Christopher Gordon

Christopher Gordon is a prominent Australian composer and a proud Gladesville resident of eleven years. He is passionate about the arts and arts education, local heritage, green spaces, science and research, accessible education for all, mental health and homelessness.

Christopher is committed to maintaining our village communities. “I am not against development,” he says. “It is the planning that matters, the integration of modern sustainable city living with the amazing parklands and bush that have been saved in this ward, often by dynamic local residents.

“We need to relieve traffic congestion and improve public transport and bikeways. We need city planning that improves the community’s quality of life rather than lines the pockets of developers. I believe there is a lot that can be achieved at council level in the areas of renewable energy and affordable housing; if we wait for the Federal and State governments, these issues might never be tackled.”

The Greens Vision for Ryde

The Greens are ready to stand up for Ryde residents on council:

  1. Real strategies to make housing affordable – people not profits!
  2. All new developments to promote green space and amenity
  3. Ignite our creative potential – lets make Ryde an artistic hub!
  4. Reduce waste and plastics
  5. Safeguard our parks, bushland, and heritage buildings and sites
  6. Promote community-owned renewable energy
  7. Relieve our roads with bicycle and busways
  8. No more hidden agendas for Ryde