I have lived in the Hills for most of my life and I am currently a Master of Public Policy student at the University of Sydney, specialising in Political Economy. The Hills region is a great place to live, but I believe we must also focus on our climate impacts and take care of those most in need.
I’m running for Council because we are in a climate crisis and our Council is not acting like it. We need to move to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 if we want to play our part in avoiding global ecological and human catastrophe.
There are also large gaps in affordable housing which our Council has not acted on so I want the council to significantly expand affordable housing in our local government area. This would ensure those struggling to pay their rents can stay off the streets and those already on the streets can be compassionately placed into secure housing.
Another problem that needs fixing in our region is the traffic congestion and its associated pollution which has skyrocketed over the last decade and is only set to get worse as more high-density developments are greenlighted by the state government. We can help to alleviate this by building cycleways in the most congested areas, encouraging everyone to ride bikes if they can, and ensuring major shopping and employment precincts are accessible by bike.

As a Hills Shire councillor I will work tirelessly to implement this vision for us all.