Councillor Dominic Wy Kanak has served the Waverley Community since 1999, including as Deputy Mayor and Chair of Community, Housing, Environmental Services & Public Works Committee, as well as Chair of the Eastern Region Local Government Aboriginal Torres Strait Islander Forum, a Reconciliation partnership of Local Councils for Woollahra, Waverley, Randwick, Bayside (formally Botany Bay), Inner West (formally Leichhardt) and City of Sydney Council.

Dominic bases his approach to being an Elected Representative and Community Advocate in his Indigenous, First Nations, Heritage principles of looking after Country and People, including those most vulnerable and disadvantaged.

Dominic commits to doing his best to maintain, enhance and increase the sustainable amenity of Waverley’s Residents, Home Owners, Tenants and businesses.

Dom’s 5 Point Plan for Bondi Ward

1. Save Bondi Pavilion from privatisation

Bondi Pavilion has a long history as a public space, a community cultural hub. The Liberal two staged DA process hinged around an election is deceitful and manipulative. Stage 2, to be revealed after the election,  will likely privatise the upper level, screening out the local community, and will remove many treasured performance and educational spaces thoughout the pavilion. This is unaccaptable for our creative Bondi community and our Pavilion.

2. Stop Overdevelopment. Return planning to the community.
We need a council that is going to resist the push from the state government for fast tracked planning permissions for large towers from Minister appointed planning panels. The community and council  have developed planning controls which should not be over-ridden by faceless bureaucrats who are not accountable to the community.
3. Celebrate Local Aboriginal Heritage in Bondi
Bondi Beach and surrounds were and remain important country for aboriginal people. The relics of aboriginal culture in the Bondi landscape should be revered and studied by the community. Archaeological digs and connecting with elders and historians would further inform local appreciation of aboriginal heritage in Bondi.
4.Climate Action Plan for Bondi
Climate change will result in sea level rise, increased frequency and intensity of storms, storm surges and rising saline water tables. Council needs to review its building codes to ensure successful sustainable adaptation in our coastal zones.  We must  reject the Liberals vision for a concrete underground car park behind the Pavilion. Rising saline water tables inundating an underground reinforced concrete structure will cause rapid concrete cancer and require pump out drainage systems.
5. Improve Pedestrian Amenity on Campbell Parade.
Walkablity in the environs of Bondi Beach and its Art Deco commercial  precinct is top priority.  Parkland, beach, Campbell Pde and Pavilion should provide seamless connection to each other.