Many council candidates are embracing growth and development. Greens are needed to ensure the growth is sustainable and healthy.

This means supporting initiatives like passive solar energy-efficient buildings and locating major developments close to employment areas and safe routes to schools to encourage walking and cycling.

We should become a model for regional Australia, building on our strengths – excellent communications, educational facilities, local expertise, affordable land for new businesses, short commuting distances and safe cycling. We have passionate and dedicated volunteers plus sustainability groups such as Starfish, SLA and SNELC, who should be encouraged to serve on Council Committees and interact with Council.

My research work reducing agricultural greenhouse emissions helps me understand both rural and urban issues. I’m keen to use my previous council experience and numeracy skills to ensure wise use of community resources and give ratepayers value for money. Council needs to take advantage of the $1.6 billion Regional Growth Fund and other opportunities to create a healthy, sustainable environment and reduce the 3-year gap in life expectancy between Sydney and our region.