Elaine has been lucky enough to live in the Waverley area for 20 years. ElainElaine_FB-Profile_green3e worked as a Registered Nurse for many years and is now working as an industrial relations consultant. She is also studying towards a Masters in Ethics and Legal Studies.

If elected she will champion local democracy by promoting live streaming of council meetings and protecting precious recreational green spaces. She knows that parks and trees are critical for biodiversity and to give residents and visitors respite from increasingly intense summer heatwaves.|

She will maintain opposition to excessive claims of overzealous developers. Elaine will work hard for liveable neighbourhoods, community inclusion, planning for people not profit and renters rights.

Elaine’s 6 Point Plan for Lawson Ward

1. West Bondi Junction

There is also widespread local community opposition from residents in West Bondi Junction who are also in a fight against the never ending greed of developers.

Stargate, the developer, is proposing and inappropriate overdevelopment that blatantly ignores the local planning rules set by the community.  This developer is so contemptuous of the process and the local community concerns that they are already advertising this development on their website before there has been any approval of the site. 

Waverley council under Sally Betts invites spot re-zoning of West Bondi Junction which would allow a process that specifically creates conditions for a developer to submit a proposal for high rise towers which is seriously at odds with the local zoning restrictions.

2. Bronte RSL

The local Bronte Community have been standing strong against the Bronte RSL developer for over 4 years. The Avidan development proposal continues to treat our community with complete contempt and  is hell bend on breaching the local planning rules. As a Greens Councillor I will continue to back my local community 100% by fighting any non-complying DA or amendments that are lodged for the RSL site.  Greens on Council commit to support the ongoing fight against the inappropriate development of this site through the Land and Environment court.  Greens Councillors will never take donations from developers nor will we do back room deals to give away our local communities for the sake of developer profits.

3. Lawson Living

Ecologically sustainable development lies at the heart of good planning: as a Greens Councillor I will work to protect what is precious by demanding appropriate development with quality design standards. The community wants new development that protects and enhances biodiversity while ensuring a focus on reduced energy consumption to mitigate the impacts of climate change.

The Greens are committed to planning decisions that create affordable, walkable, liveable communities that are sustainable well into the future. This means development density that is human scale and appropriately located near transport and employment hubs. It must provide for green open space and public recreation facilities.

Planning decisions should never be made behind closed doors.

4. Local Democracy

I will work hard to ensure that Waverley Council, like many other Council’s,  provide live streaming of all Council meetings to ensure Councillors, and Mayor Betts, behave in a manner that promotes community interests – not developer interests.

5. Protecting Our Precious Coast

There is a reason so many people choose to live along our coastlines and waterways: it is because of the spectacular natural beauty we enjoy. As a Greens Councillor it will be one of my primary goals to protect and enhance this precious natural asset.

It is also vital that Council Improves and expands Green Spaces along and next to the foreshores, and always voting to protect coastal vegetation. Greens will campaign for proper funding of crucial programs and services which may include dune restoration, coastal bushland regeneration programs, native bird and animal protections and local Surf Life Saving Clubs.

6. Renters Rights

42% of our community are renting and they have no rights – Green will advocate for strengthening security of tenure and ensuring that rent increases are in line with the CPI (unless landlords make decent improvements to the dwelling) We are lucky enough to live in a beautiful coastal area that attracts a great number of tourist but we need to ensure that in our local residential areas there are restrictions on the use of approved dwellings for visitor accommodation to ensure the availability and affordability of rental stock for permanent residents.