The Inner West Greens acknowledge that transport is Australia’s third largest source of greenhouse gas emissions, accounting for 17 percent of total emissions, with the highest rate of growth. Approximately 11% of the council’s emissions come from transport. As such it is imperative that the Inner West Council transitions its fleet to Electronic Vehicles, as well as encourages and enables community uptake of EVs.

We commit to:

  • Install EV charging infrastructure for council operations and public use – in the council depots, car parks and on-street parking bays.
  • Encourage and support the uptake of EVs by residents.
  • Address EV charging needs of residents without off-street parking
  • Identify state government funding to enable the transition of the Inner West Council’s fleet to EVs.
  • Use planning controls to incentivise and enable EV charging infrastructure within all new developments.
  • Identify and streamline planning approval to allow EV charging infrastructure to be retrofitted into existing buildings.
  • Work with local car share companies and fleet owners to investigate ways in which to transition their fleets to EVs.
  • Identify what NSW government opportunities are available to councils to support EV public charging infrastructure.
  • Advocate to the NSW government to rapidly shift their entire bus fleet to EVs.