I have lived in the Hills for 19 years. I have seen many changes over that time.  Some good and others not so good.

I strongly believe in the principles of the Greens Party which is why I am standing, in Baulkham Hills, as the Greens candidate. 

I firmly believe that the environment is important is this country, as without a stable environment there is no economic future.  The destruction we have witnessed over the last few years:  raging bush fires and unprecedented floods, loss of market gardens and green space demonstrate our need to protect our environment. 

Local issues are very important. We need to:

  • maintain the remaining market gardens,  
  • re-empower local government to ensure building standards are adhered to
  • protect our built history: including buildings like the Bull and Bush
  • protect our green spaces
  • acknowledge the First Australians
  • preserve the IBM site
  • zero emissions by 2030

I am standing as a candidate as I strongly feel that it is time to stand up for my beliefs. It is time concentrate on policy and to restore integrity into local politics. It is about representing our community, building a fairer and cleaner future for our children and grandchildren.