Greens councillors will stand up for the things that matter to Woollahra residents, like:

Save Woollahra Council – continue the fight against the NSW Government’s deplorable forced amalgamation agenda. Stand by the more than 80% of resident who want Woollahra council to remain an independent council, and support Council’s legal challenge. Respect Council’s record delivering local democracy, sound fiscal management and planning outcomes for our local community.

Renewable energy – mandate renewable energy for all new development, support neighbours sharing renewable energy, partner with a regional council on a large scale renewable project. Build local e-charging stations for electric vehicles. Explore options for local renewable wave energy.

Kids and young people – Council cannot continue to ignore the needs of kids in our area. Big kids, little kids and our youth need dedicated spaces within our parks and recreation spaces. Work with the community to build facilities for skooters and skaters in appropriate locations. Amplify calls for a new purpose-built high school in Sydney’s east.

Save our trees – more than 80% of residents say our trees make Woollahra special. Greens always work to protect public and private trees and plant new trees for future generations to enjoy. We will safeguard Woollahra’s precious green open spaces and public land from sale and overdevelopment and conserve Woollahra’s leafy feel and impressive urban canopy

Active transport – promote active transport by building a culture of walking and cycling. Prioritise the roll out of separated bicycle paths on Oxford St and New South Head Rd. Complete Woollahra’s cycle network to allow our kids, older residents and parents to compete safer, shorter trips and ride to and from school, easing traffic gridlock at peak times.