Forbes Gordon: Your Greens voice on Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council

I have spent most of my life as a farmer in the Braidwood district, before ten years in a new career as a lawyer, as well as a stint on the old Tallaganda Council.

I’m strongly committed to preserving and celebrating the heritage of the indigenous, built and natural environments, and have been a keen supporter of Landcare. 

My involvement with the Greens stems in part from my concern over successive Australian Governments’ treatment of asylum seekers, which is contrary to the UN’s Convention on Refugees and creates an indelible stain on our reputation.

I’ve already seen the changes in our region due to climate change. We must act to reduce global warming for the sake of future generations and the biodiversity of the planet. In the absence of national climate policy, I believe it’s all the more important to act at the local level.

Please vote for The Greens at the council election on 4 December 2021.