Sustainable planning for a liveable Parramatta.

“I am committed to working alongside residents – it is deeply important to me that locals have a voice, and are involved in all council decisions.”

If elected as a councillor, I would act on these priorities:

  • Focusing on building community services and infrastructure, especially for improved public transport.
  • Ensuring that residents have a voice in council through formation of resident groups and gaining the support of their elected councillors.
  • Working to make Parramatta Council open, ethical and transparent.
  • Supporting businesses and residents by building liveability and community into our neighbourhoods.
  • Getting smarter about waste and the reduction of plastics.
  • ..and every child in Parramatta deserves a good park!”


  • Civil engineer with experience in transport infrastructure, water resources and renewable energy sectors (over 10 years experience).
  • In her free time Franceska advocates for women in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics), women in leadership, LGBTQIA+ rights, multiculturalism, and racial equality. She enjoys vegetable gardening and cooking up feasts for friends and family and can be spotted on a sunny day, kayaking on Parramatta River with her husband Tom.

THE GREENS DO NOT TAKE DONATIONS FROM ORGANISATIONS, and believe in grassroots community democracy.