The Greens in Queanbeyan-Palerang today announced Peter Marshall and Katrina Willis as their lead candidates for the council election to be held on 9 September 2017.

On the anniversary of the sacking of the Palerang and Queanbeyan councils, the Greens pledged to work for a more accountable, democratic and transparent local council committed to genuine consultation with the community. Greens NSW are committed to reviewing forced amalgamations and the boundaries of the new councils through plebiscites.

“The NSW Government’s sacking of our councils was unwarranted and indefensible, based on false premises and financial assessments kept from the public,” Peter Marshall said. “It has not lead to any apparent cost savings or efficiencies. In fact there is already evidence to the contrary.

“What it has done is allow a single unelected individual – a NSW Government-appointed Administrator – to make critical decisions on transport infrastructure and inappropriate housing developments, along with the in-principle agreement to sell public land for redevelopment without a tender process.”

“The checks and balances of a group of elected representatives are missing, community concerns are ignored, and people are rightly troubled,” Katrina Willis said.

The Greens have a long history of standing up for honesty, ethics and integrity in politics. Greens on Queanbeyan-Palerang Regional Council will work to:

  • Restore accountability and commit to new ways of involving the community in decisions that affect them
  • Ensure equitable and affordable rates and charges, financial responsibility, a fair allocation of spending between population centres and end wasteful expenditure
  • Implement planning policies and regulations that retain village and town characters, protect built and cultural heritage, and conserve our local environment
  • Develop an integrated sustainable transport system including improved public and community transport, more extensive cycleways, and efficient and effective roads funding
  • Support a stronger local economy and healthier community by focusing on renewable energy and energy efficiency, waste recovery and reuse, and active recreation and tourism.

Peter is a resident of Captains Flat, and served on Palerang Council from September 2012 until it was forcibly merged with Queanbeyan City Council in May 2016.

Katrina is a resident of Queanbeyan, is active in numerous community groups, and stood for The Greens in the Queanbeyan City Council elections of 2008 and 2012. The candidates were pre-selected by members of the Braidwood Greens and Queanbeyan-Monaro Greens.