In the lead up to September’s local government elections, the Greens are launching their plan for action on the crisis in housing affordability in the Inner West. 

Greens on Inner West council will push to construct 200 affordable homes over the next four years, establish a homelessness unit, and support the creation of new housing cooperatives.

At the last census there were just over 2 500 people experiencing homelessness in the Inner West. Essential workers and their families are increasingly unable to afford to live here. COVID- 19 has only worsened this trend. A 100% increase in housing stress (which occurs when people are spending more than 30% of their income on housing costs) and a 27% increase in homelessness have been predicted in the Inner West due to the economic impacts of the pandemic.

Greens on the Inner West Council will take action to address this crisis. By levying developers to create more affordable housing, establishing a specialist homelessness unit and encouraging housing cooperatives the Greens will help create an Inner West for all of us, not just the wealthy few. 

Greens candidate for the Damun (Stanmore) Ward Liz Atkins said:  

There are currently 1 460 people on the social housing wait list in the Inner West. While the NSW government has committed to building a small number of new social and affordable homes in last month’s budget, it’s nowhere near enough. If the NSW government won’t act, the local government will. The Greens will take action to make sure everyone in the Inner West has a safe, stable and affordable place to sleep at night.

“The pandemic is a reminder of how vulnerable rough sleepers are and how important it is to our wellbeing to have a safe place to sleep at night. The Greens are committed to ending rough sleeping by establishing a specialist unit that draws on community and organisational experience and expertise.” 

Greens candidate for Djarrawunang (Ashfield) Ward, Dylan Griffiths said: 

“I know firsthand the impact of social and affordable housing. Without it I would have missed so many opportunities. It enabled me to study at university and has led me to where I am now – ready to advocate for my community.

“An entire generation has been locked out of home ownership in the Inner West. As a young person and lifelong renter, I will be working hard to change this if elected. 

“Homelessness and living in housing stress are not the fault of the individual – they are the result of policies and decisions made by our governments. Greens on the Inner West Council will help to create a diverse Inner West that is affordable for young people and people on lower incomes.”

You can read the full policy here.