Greens on QPRC will work to improve cycling opportunities in our communities including sponsoring workshops on safe riding, bicycle maintenance and converting traditional bikes to electric ones.

More people have been riding bikes in the past year according to the latest national walking and cycling participation survey. Most of the increase is attributed to exercise and recreation, and most of the new riders are children and young people.

“Supporting people to cycle safely will bring many benefits for individuals and communities through household savings, reducing reliance on cars and helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions,” Greens lead candidate Katrina Willis said.

“We need to make it much easier to cycle in our local communities. Transport accounts for around 27% of our greenhouse emissions and we won’t make the cuts we need to without transforming transport.

“The biggest climate impacts will come from people switching from cars to bikes for short journeys and for longer commutes in places where this is practical. Cycling also encourages people to spend more time in local communities, which can support local businesses.”

The survey found that around 1.5% of riders were using electrically assisted bikes or scooters. While cost might discourage uptake of new electric bikes, it’s actually possible to convert a traditional bike economically.  QPRC can assist by sponsoring workshops.

“The survey also showed that women and older people are under-represented among cyclists,” Ms Willis said. ”Safe cycleways, good lighting and better driver behaviour will all help with lifting their participation.

Aside from some welcome recreational paths and others attached to major road developments in Queanbeyan in the past few years, we are yet to see a serious investment from council in cycling.

“We need to make cycling a viable choice for people,” Ms Wills said. “Cycling should be integrated into all new housing, retail and employment developments. It’s much easier to do this at the planning stage than to try to retrofit cycleways afterwards.

“Beyond local council support, the NSW Government needs to shift more of its transport budget into supporting and promoting cycling. Greens on QPRC will work through regional and state networks to press the NSW Government to do this.”

Media Contact: Katrina Willis 0431 184 717