Greta Werner, 2021 Greens candidate for Bayside Council, Rockdale Ward

I am a PhD candidate and a mother of three. My research compares social housing solutions in Sydney with those in Vienna, Austria. I’m passionate about social and environmental justice and have been active in community-based campaigns for many years, beginning with the successful campaign against the Jabiluka uranium mine in the 1990’s.

Along with equitable housing infrastructure, I have a passion for green space. I am currently the spokesperson for Friends of Gardiner Park Inc, a group campaigning to raise awareness about problems with synthetic soccer fields, especially in flood prone parks near residents. One of my children plays soccer and I understand that fields are in short supply. I believe that a diversity of sporting facilities should be provided, based on results of a sport and recreation survey of Bayside LGA residents.

The Bayside population is remarkably diverse, and this is one of our strengths. The Greens have a proven track record in representing diverse voices. Together, we can create a fairer and healthier future for all of us.