Not much more. Land clearing across NSW has increased by 1300% in the last 3 years alone. Clearly our wildlife can not survive that. If we don’t stop, Koalas will only exist in zoos, alongside the threatened Powerful owl, Sea-eagle, numerous migratory species and many other animals that currently live alongside us in Port Stephens. We must act now!

As a priority, when elected, I will:

  • Seek an urgent review and update of Port Stephens’ Comprehensive Koala Plan of Management (CKPoM),
  • Support and resource existing wildlife and landcare groups, a new local Koala coalition and Council’s CKPoM committee,
  • Reduce habitat clearing via greater protections in the planning controls (DCP and LEP) and development assessment and approval,
  • Take local action to address and mitigate the effects of climate change,
  • Lobby for greater planning protections at all levels of Government,
  • Advocate for greater application of existing regulatory and policy protections and enforcement of consent conditions,
  • Encourage and resource park and reserve groups in habitat regeneration projects.