Greens on Inner West Council are committed to addressing our climate emergency – an emergency that is already hitting the Inner West with damage to the low-lying Dawn Fraser pools, more damaging floods in Marrickville, and higher power bills for everyone.

The Greens team ensured that one of Council’s first acts was to commit to becoming carbon neutral and supporting the community to increase access to renewables. As a result, Council is replacing all streetlights with safer and more efficient LED bulbs, and will install solar panels on every available Council roof. The Greens also secured Council’s commitment to supply 25% of its electricity needs from renewables (although the Greens push for 50% was blocked by Labor and Liberal councillors). Due to the rising cost of coal, all these initiatives are saving Council money.

Greens councillors also support Council to assist the community in a rapid transition to renewables. We want to see Council help residents invest in solar panels in a way that will immediately reduce their power bills. We are championing the Solar Savers model that has saved thousands of residents in Darebin Council $100s per year, while tackling climate change.