The Greens are committed to acting on climate change and transitioning to a clean energy future.

In 2008, Greens Councillors committed to making Leichhardt Council carbon neutral in four years – this was achieved in 2012 and Leichhardt Council became the second council in NSW to be certified carbon neutral. Now The Greens plan to make all three Councils carbon neutral by 2020. Not only will The Greens make the Inner West Council carbon neutral; the Greens will Solar Our Community with initiatives to enable everyone who wants it to have rooftop solar on their homes and the develop urban solar farms.

The Greens will:

  1. Enable everyone who wants it, including tenants, to have rooftop solar on their homes
  2. Introduce a cost neutral initiative (i.e. interest free loans) for solar panel purchase and installation
  3. Utilise Council’s purchasing power to negotiate bulk low prices and permit the sale of solar panel kits (and storage) to local residents at cost
  4. Where planning approval is needed for installation of solar panels on difficult sites, large commercial properties or significant heritage buildings, not only waive all planning fees but provide additional council assistance to enable installations
  5. Make the Inner West Council carbon neutral by 2020 which will include conducting a comprehensive audit of all council energy use; renewing energy inefficient equipment; transferring to renewable energy use and where possible, solar panels on  all Council buildings
  6. Develop community-owned renewable energy projects. These projects could include urban solar farms such as photovoltaic systems for car parks, shopping centres, schools or large buildings
  7. Develop incentives for landlords and strata to install solar on behalf of tenants & residents
  8. Install electric car and bicycle charging stations in the Inner West Council sites
  9. Build and adapt council buildings, infrastructure and open spaces to be climate smart
  10. Support micro-grid initiatives