With your help we can Make Maitland Green Again.

Our city has always had its heart in the country, but with constant over-development we have been living under the burden of toxic car fumes on over-crowded roads. Our trees have been replaced by bricks and mortar.

It’s time to turn our eyes to looking after our environment.

More trees, more green corridors, more open space, more parks and gardens for future generations. Let’s live with nature not destroy it.

I’ve lived in Maitland for more than 30 years. I am a freelance journalist after stints at the Maitland Mercury and Newcastle Herald. My passion is to create more Landcare projects and community gardens.

Other priorities included more and improved cycleways, creating more jobs through recycling and installing a “shop” at our local waste facility for people to leave or pick-up household items, not putting them into the tip.


John Brown, Central Ward