I’ve lived in East Jindabyne for sixteen years and am a semi-retired self-employed management consultant, who for thirty years designed, developed and delivered people-management related training programs for large organisations. 

For the past ten years I’ve been secretary of the East Jindabyne Residents’ Committee, representing the interests and concerns of residents to Council and to State governments. I was the secretary of the Jindabyne Cycling Club for three years, overseeing the club grow four – fold. I’ve helped run large scale events such as the Snowy Challenge two day cycling event that attracted hundreds of riders to our region; I’ve been a chair of the S355 Shared Trails Committee in the former Snowy River shire; I’ve successfully applied for community grants, and have made submissions and presentations to community, private and government organisations.
I recently assisted in the development of the pilot Fly Program, a NGO, which encourages men to take action to improve their mental and emotional well-being. I believe in a cooperative approach to achieve workable outcomes.