Liz Atkins, 2021 Greens candidate for Darum (Stanmore) Ward, Inner West Council

I’m running for Council because local government is where we can influence what happens in our community. Our community should be diverse and connected. It should be somewhere that everyone can find a place to live close to work and study, feels safe and doesn’t have to look too far for interesting things to do. Council can foster this by building more affordable housing, strengthening policies to mitigate climate change and implementing a lively and accessible Cultural and Community Activity Strategy. We also need better ways for the community to tell councillors directly about their concerns and ideas for improving our suburbs.

I want to make a difference on issues like waste and recycling; making our suburbs attractive and inclusive for all; reducing the harmful effects of climate change, including by increasing our tree canopy; cleaning up our streets and recognising walkability as a key transport component; improving accessibility for people with disability and others; improving and creating green spaces; reviving our local nightlife and finding ways to help our artists and small businesses recover after the pandemic. 

I have lived on Gadigal land in the Inner West for the last 20 years, and in Damun Ward for the last 16. I brought up two sons in the Inner West and I understand the issues that concern families and young people, as well as those of us who are older. I’m a lawyer and worked in government for more than 30 years. I know about running an agency, bringing teams together and achieving goals within budget. I’ve been an active campaigner and volunteer in the LGBTIQ+ community for over 2 decades and I have been active in campaigns for refugees, climate justice and local issues such as West Connex, particularly as a member of Riff Raff Radical Marching Band. 

I think Council is where the people can be most directly influential, and I want to know what you think and want. I promise that as a councillor, I will be accessible, active and accountable to you.