I’m Martin Moore, lead candidate of a strong team for Ward A Sutherland Shire. It may surprise  some , but, as a child I never actually said “I want to be the first Greens Councillor for Sutherland  Shire when I grow up” and yet, here I am, very much up for that task. The Climate Emergency has  been my call to stand. The adage “Think Global, Act Local” resonates and motivates me. It’s right  here where we live and breathe that the pebble in the pond will have its effect. Yes the Shire is  considered a hugely conservative part of the world and I’m often met with “what’s the point, no  one votes Green anyway” and yet, my assumptions are challenged as I continue to encounter a  strong desire from people from all walks of life within the Shire to address the Climate Emergency! 

Ward A, our home, is flanked by two National Parks, by the birthplace of Australia the colony and  strong resonance to traditional custodians of this land. I bring kilometres of lived experience to  this task, essentially community experience. I built on my Fine Arts Degree with a Masters in  Social Ecology, out of my extensive work as a Community Artist, Housing Advocate. Peace,  Social Justice and Environmental activism also directed me. I would support Affordable Housing  initiatives, a strong desire to see mindful development as opposed to overdevelopment and  Heritage commitments honoured.  

I empathise with the current challenges local businesses face. Having been a Sole Trader and  struggled in business in the past, I’m keen to support a ‘Local procurement policy’ for council.  With council buying from and hiring locally, this has to benefit the Shires Economy. I’m proud of  the Greens impressive anti corruption initiatives at Federal, State and Local Government levels.  I’m proud also that Greens are not funded by the Fossil Fuel Industry or Developers.