I am a physicist and teacher. I will fight for the future of Epping in terms of its community, environment, traffic, housing development, and the causes and consequences of climate change.

I live near Epping station amongst the traffic, green spaces, community of young families, new residential developments, and local businesses. Epping is more than a dormitory so planning for the future of this suburb and its community requires more than just approving residential towers. I will fight for the community and environment of Epping by;

  • opposing overdevelopment and bad planning decisions,
  • protecting precious open spaces and tree cover,
  • promoting compassionate multiculturalism,
  • pushing for enriching community events, and
  • supporting locally-owned businesses and jobs.

If elected to council I will work with others on council to implement the local climate action that is so urgently needed.  I look forward to working hard with, and for, the community to improve our well-being and the  prospects for future generations that are currently being sold out.

With the Greens NSW I work on truth and freedom in media, international relations against racism, and climate action.

I have a doctorate in physics and teach maths, physics, and engineering at Macquarie University. I have been teaching for about 12 years.