Nina has a long history of contributing to the Shoalhaven after being involved in many community groups. She has contributed over the years at the Illaroo Road Public School as President of the P&C and Vice President and Convener of the Southern Branch Representative Football Club, Life skills education, Allied Health network, Shoalhaven professional business Association and Transformative Education programs.

Nina has extensive experience as a Registered Nurse for almost 30 years,  and is passionate about the health and well-being of communities. Since moving to the Shoalhaven in 2004 she has provided services in Aged Care, Aboriginal Health, Stroke Unit author at the local hospital and Health Education across many disciplines.  She is currently employed as the Shoalhaven Parkinson’s Nurse Specialist providing best outcomes and quality of life for those people affected with Neurodegenerative conditions.

Nina has been a Greens Councillor for over two years sitting on Shoalhaven City Council , with portfolio’s in Health, Indigenous Rights, Climate Change and Health, Creating cycle ways, green spaces, and healthy cities as well as chair person of the Inclusion and Access Advisory Committee advocating for people with disabilities and their carers.

She believes that Governments need to be investing in people and providing resources and support to ensure people living in our country have access to opportunities and services such as Education, Health care, employment, transport and housing. When governments invest in people they produce  big returns in contributions back to the community through acts of kindness, caring , integrity and overall improved wellbeing that builds resilient and efficient communities. A world that values people over profits is a world worth living in and a place where future generations can blossom!

Nina has been pre selected as the Greens representative for the seat of Kiama in the upcoming elections in 2019. Her experience with Health , Education, Sport, Indigenous issues and Disabilities, will provide strong advocacy for people across the lifespan from young children, youth and our ageing population.