Kiama Greens Councillors, over 20 years, have earned the trust of the community when it comes to protecting the unique
character of the region from inappropriate developments and over-development.

  • We will continue the fight to protect our towns from over-development, to save the agricultural lands between Gerringong and Gerroa and protect Jamberoo from urban sprawl.
  • We will support genuine sustainable development that meets community needs and expectations and minimises
    environmental impacts.
  • We will encourage and develop opportunities for improving the cultural and social lives of residents and visitors
    including the Kiama Arts Precinct and the Gerringong Museum and Library.
  • We support the high level of services that Council provides to the community.
  • We will continue to protect our natural areas, from our forest ecosystems to the beautiful coastline.
  • We will manage council’s budget responsibly to help ensure council remains independent.
  • Elected Greens Councillors will vote independently on all matters and consider every issue on its merits.