All three Councils – Leichhardt, Ashfield and Marrickville delivered a wide range of quality services to their local communities. It is important that these services are not only retained but where need expanded and that good practice from one council is adopted by the other council areas.

Examples of just some of these services includes: local libraries, council swimming pools and fitness centres, child care services such as family day care, long day care and occasional day care services, sporting facilities and playing fields, community facilities, services to seniors and young people, waste collection, looking after our parks and playgrounds, maintaining our street trees and caring for our natural environment, mowing the grass verges and running our local cultural and arts programs.

The Greens will:

  • Invest at least $20 million in developing new community, cultural, youth, senior and green spaces – to be owned and run by the community.
  • Protect all council services from the 3 councils and expand them where needed.
  • Ensure that services are responsive to local needs and oppose consolidation of services
  • Oppose any sell off of council facilities or closure of any council facilities.
  • Adopt best practice with delivery of all council services.