Early Childhood Education

Expand the number of affordable council-owned and run Early Childhood Education centres across the Hills Shire.

Mental Health

Council to set up mental health clinics to provide psychological services to patients with no out-of-pocket expenses.

Community Inclusion

Adopt participatory budgeting in the council’s annual budget so that all residents in the Hills gets a vote in how council money is spent in their district. This means that the community comes up with ideas for projects that they would like to see in their area. Every resident can then vote for which project they would like to see funded – this way, the community has the power to decide how their money is spent by council.

First Nations people

It is frankly appalling that the current Hills Shire Council refuses to acknowledge our First Nations community with the respect they deserve.

Greens councillors would:

  • Insist on Acknowledgement of Country at all council meetings and events and wholeheartedly celebrate Naidoc Week.
  • Talk to First Nations People about what they feel is lacking in our council area and set up a social inclusion advisory body.
  • Learn about cultural burning and care of the land and put this into practice.
  • Greater incorporate First Nations teachings and respect into our community.

Gender Equity

Review and update the Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) Policy Statement, and make it available on the Council’s website.

Review and update the EEO Management Plan, and make it available on the website.

Include gender breakdown of roles and updates on EEO Management Plan in Annual Report.

Establish a calendar of events that support women networking and mentoring in the community that is advertised through a range of mediums.

Complete a Workplace Gender Equality Agency Gender Equity Diagnostic.