Swimming is free in the Snowy Valleys

Marjory Tomlinson, 2021 Greens candidate for Snowy Valleys Council

Marjory Tomlinson

candidate for Snowy Valleys Council

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In October 2017 Snowy Valleys Council decided to trial free entrance to their five under-utilised swimming pools. Reasons that were tabled to justify the motion included:

▲ Encourage participation at pools
▲ Promote social cohesion across all ages and abilities
▲ Enable people to exercise freely
▲ Develop an appreciation of our beautiful pools
▲ Welcome tourists and backpackers into our communities
▲ Socially equitable

Youth were formerly able to swim freely in our rivers, which Snowy Hydro has made too dangerous.

The total revenue across all five pools used to be $214,000, of which $133,000 came from entry fees and the remainder from kiosks and activities. The previous operating loss amounted to $900,000.

It was agreed to trial free entry for the coming swimming season and to gather data about the age and postcode of pool users.

Swimming is free in the Snowy Valleys

Today in 2021, Snowy Valleys Council pools continue to have free entry. Adult swimmers can also pay $30 for a swipe card to use the pool after hours when they have been inducted to safety procedures.

Marjory Tomlinson is a candidate for Snowy Valleys.


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