The Greens today announced the first two of their candidates for Parramatta Council

Phil Bradley, convenor of the Parramatta Greens and Greens Candidate for Parramatta in the last federal and state elections today announced:

“I will be standing in the Parramatta ward for the Parramatta Council elections and Lindsay Peters, who has also been a federal and state election candidate, will be the Greens candidate in Epping ward.

“The council election on 9 September presents a great opportunity for residents to vote for candidates other than from the old Liberal and Labor parties …. to vote for candidates like we Greens, who have proved our ability to work with locals for environmental sustainability, to protect green spaces and heritage, and support communities not developers.

“The Greens do not accept donations from corporations and we believe in fully accountable, ethical governance. We therefore support the appointment of an independent Ombudsman to investigate complaints and claims of corruption about Council operations.

“The Greens in Parramatta will strongly promote Parramatta as the iconic centre of heritage, arts and cultural significance, which it richly deserves.”

Lindsay Peters added:

“By supporting initiatives such as the greater use of clean solar energy, increased use of bicycles, waste minimisation, bush regeneration and cost saving building environmental upgrades, we will strive for Parramatta to lead the way as one of the most sustainable and liveable local government areas in Australia.

“If elected, we will act to make housing more affordable and campaign for better public transport links, especially rail to reduce travel times and congestion.”

Both Greens candidates will support community need not corporate greed.