The Inner West is an amazing place to live: vibrant and full of diversity. We’re lucky to live in a welcoming community where people care for one another and stand up for what matters.

But disappointingly, our Council isn’t getting the basics right. The Greens have a plan for a council that listens to the community and works to protect what is special about our local area.

Our plan starts with a vision to make our community a leader in climate action. It includes a plan to stop overdevelopment, care for people and invest in our parks and greenspace.

Make Council a national leader on climate action

We need genuine leadership on climate including harnessing renewable energy, creating a well-connected bike and pedestrian network, investing in electric vehicles and local charging facilities, and community solar panels.

Stop over development and defend heritage

Council has let developers take the upper hand. We need community-led planning to ensure development that is  appropriate, respects heritage and is delivered with additional community infrastructure.

Create beautiful streets, parks, playgrounds and green spaces

Council isn’t getting the basics right. We need to invest in our main streets to make them lively, clean and  welcoming; expand and upgrade parks and playgrounds, including shade over play equipment, bubblers and  clean, working toilets; restore degraded wildlife habitats; and reverse the Council’s anti-tree policy that has  significantly reduced tree canopy cover in the last year.

Action on affordable housing

We will introduce a developer levy to make sure multi-unit development profits are shared with the community,  expand the Council affordable housing trust, and build more Council owned affordable housing.

Support arts, entertainment & live music

We will support people in the creative industries from musicians to visual artists, writers to set designers, with  studio/work spaces, grants and exhibition spaces to make the Inner West the arts centre of Sydney.

Caring for people through quality services

We will provide $1 entry for Council pools for all pensioner and concession card holders as well as expand  Council run playgroups and childcare. We will introduce food organics recycling for every home.

Open and democratic council

Council has abolished local resident committees, slashed public council meetings and reduced the rights of  residents to speak. Our plan will ensure an open Council with more community involvement, disclosure by councillors of who is lobbying them and a ban on accepting corporate donations