I’ve lived in Newcastle for five years now and have developed a deep love of the city over that time. I’m studying a PhD in Aboriginal-owned co-operatives at the University of Newcastle, with a passion and a penchant for social change and community development. I’m a great listener and advocate for those of us ignored by the political establishment, and as a young First Nations person am particularly aware of the key social issues in our First Nations communities.

I work at the University as a Sessional Academic, and volunteer in various capacities with local organisations in Newcastle. COVID-19 has made social services only more important and hazardous, and these opportunities have given me great insight into the direction communities, institutions and governments must take in order to secure a better future for us all.

We must confront the increasing pressure applied to the least visible in our community – First Nations people, students, elderly, disabled, the working poor and unemployed. Neoliberalism has decidedly failed, and it is the Greens who offer genuine solutions to the problems we now face. Unity and diversity are our greatest strengths, and the Greens celebrate this, with a proud track record for working with and supporting the most vulnerable in our communities.

As a Councillor, I will support responsible and sustainable initiatives that are equitable for all in our growing city. We plan to confront the issues too long abused as political weapons by established parties, such as transport, infrastructure and public services. Urgent action on climate change is required, and we will work to make Newcastle Council carbon neutral as soon as possible. Homelessness, insecure housing and unemployment are fast becoming crisis points for the city, and I hope to see Greens Councillors elected to genuinely address them. The Greens have always led on environmental and social justice, empowering and strengthening our communities, and I will continue this proud work here in Newcastle.

Should I be elected to Council, I will fight for the public good and ensure Ward 4 issues are given the attention they deserve. The Greens will always push for more accountability and transparency in politics and are always glad to work together with others on sensible, sustainable, merit-based policy.