I have been a Hills resident for more than 12 years and an active community member involved in a wide range of volunteer roles. As a cancer researcher, I know first-hand how our health and environment are intertwined. If we want to lead healthy lives, we need a healthy environment.

Over the last year, we spent more time in our local neighborhoods, and this has made it even more apparent how important it is to have access to green spaces, youth spaces, local swimming pools, to have well-maintained footpaths, bike lanes, shady streets, good parks, and for our local streets to be thriving community hubs.

As a candidate for the Hills Shire Council, Central Ward, my engagement with my community focuses on environmentally sustainable healthy living in a balanced framework for local residents and businesses.

If elected, I will push for the following changes:

-The Hills Shire Council needs to declare a climate emergency and start to act on it with sustainable energy practices.

-To reduce the extreme heat effect in western suburbs, we need a comprehensive strategy, we need more parks, trees, and waterways to absorb the heat and radiation effects.

-We must retain existing bushlands and ensure more green space will be included in all future development plans.

I want to hear from you, and work to make The Hills Shire Council a sustainable, diverse, and creative community for all of us. Let’s vote for a change of direction of the Hills Shire Council on the 4th of September 2021.