Our Candidates

Greta Werner, 2021 Greens candidate for Bayside Council, Rockdale Ward

Matthew Robertson

candidate for Woollahra, Paddington ward

Matthew is deeply committed to conserving the heritage of Paddington and has had the privilege of representing this special area since 2012.

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Peter Strong, 2021 Greens candidate for Bayside Council, Mascot Ward

Nicola Grieve

candidate for Woollahra Council, Cooper ward

As a founding member of Friends of Cooper Park, a community gardener and long term bush regenerator, Nicola is committed to preserving and enhancing Woollahra’s unique bushland and tree canopy.

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Our Plans and Priorities

Tree Canopy and Urban Forest

Tree Canopy and Urban Forest

This term of Council, the Greens have pushed hard against an increased floorspace ratio. Council’s decision to maintain a floorspace ration of 0.5:1 is the result of a Greens push to introduce a mandatory canopy control for Woollahra’s low and medium density...

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Parks and Open Space

Green open spaces are at a premium in the high-density suburbs of Sydney’s east. In Woollahra we need to ensure we care for and enhance our existing parks, nature reserves and green spaces and ensure we balance the varies interest of our community – from the dog...

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Active Transport

The beauty of life in Woollahra is that all our needs are often found within walking, cycling or a short distance on public transport. Greens have strongly supported cycling as a transport option, expansion of the cycleway network, and improving the walking and...

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Heritage and Planning Powers

The Greens will continue their campaign to return planning powers, including the power to approve DAs, to elected councillors. Only when decision makers are democratically accountable to the community will they make planning decisions in the community’s interest. The...

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Electric Vehicles

The Greens want to see real action to get more electric vehicles on the road in Australia, to reduce our reliance on polluting fossil-fuel powered cars and to meet our climate commitments. In Woollahra, your Greens Councillors have delivered on-street chargers in...

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Climate Change

Greens Councillors have ensured action on climate change remains at the forefront of Council’s agenda. In 2019 Woollahra Council declared a state of climate emergency and committed to taking further action to address the climate crisis. Climate Change mitigation is...

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Childcare and Education

Sydney Eastern suburbs is one of the most expensive areas for child care in Australia and there is a desperate need for affordable long-day childcare in the area to support working families. Woollahra Council does not currently offer long-run day care for local...

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