Wylie Campbell, 2020 Greens candidate for Lake Macquarie City Council, East Ward

I have lived in Belmont my whole life and feel a deep connection to the Lake Macquarie area, especially its coastline, as I am a keen surfer and body boarder.

I have always been passionate about science and deeply interested in our natural ecosystems, which drove me to undertake a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science and Management at the University of Newcastle, from where I graduated in 2019. I feel strongly about sustainability needing to be a leading factor in decision making, and wish to see our Lake Macquarie being well cared for into the future.

All matters concerning accessibility and people living with disability are important to me, as I myself live with disability. If I am elected, I will use my first-hand experience to make sure more is done to improve the accessibility of the many places of stunning natural beauty and of vibrant community life in our City.

As a Greens candidate for Lake Macquarie City Council I am committed to carefully listen to public concerns, wants and needs, and if elected, I will work to give back to a community I have grown to feel a strong sense of belonging. Preserving the natural ecosystems and community spaces around Lake Macquarie is a primary focus for me – this area is beautiful, and future generations should be able to appreciate it.