Albury City Council

Our Councillors and Our Plans for Albury

Amanda Cohn

Dr Amanda Cohn is a locally trained medical doctor working at the Albury Base Hospital.  She is a dynamic young professional passionate about improving the lives of Albury residents through equitable access to health, education, and other social services.

Amanda is a field volunteer and officer in the Albury Unit of the State Emergency Service.  She has been a strong local advocate for marriage equality and rights to medical privacy around women’s health clinics. She is a conjoint associate lecturer at the UNSW Rural Medical School in Albury and has been working to keep doctors who train in the country working in the country.

She ran as the Greens candidate for Farrer in the 2016 federal election and received over 15% of the vote in Albury:

“I put my hand up to represent our community in federal parliament, and in doing so met local residents from all walks of life to hear their concerns. It makes sense to continue that work in local government.”


Transport for the community

We need regular and reliable public transport services throughout Albury, including weekends and public holidays, so that all residents can fully participate in community life.

Inclusive community

Making sure local government policies and programs reflect the diversity of our community; including youth and the elderly, people with mental or physical disability, and those from diverse cultural, linguistic and religious backgrounds.

Local people, local decisions

The Albury Greens are a group of like minded Albury residents who share a set of common values. All decisions by a Greens councillor will be made on the basis of what’s best for the Albury community and our values, regardless of state party policy.