Bringing Down the Cost of Living

We are in a cost-of-living crisis, and local governments should be doing what they can to ensure that everyday people can afford to get by.

Locals are paying too much for essentials like food, housing and energy. Meanwhile, 1 in 3 corporations pay no tax, and developers are getting massive handouts. The major parties take thousands of dollars in donations from big corporations like Coles and Woolies, the big banks, the fossil fuel industry and the construction industry. The Greens don’t – which is why we’re standing up for solutions to the cost of living crisis at all levels of government, including on Council.

Most cost-of-living controls are in the hands of state and federal governments, but the Greens want to see Councils taking the small steps they can to make people’s lives easier. A vote for the Greens on Council is a vote to bring down the cost of living.

On Council, the Greens will:

  • Support initiatives to bring down power prices with solar panels, household batteries and publicly-owned community batteries, with low-interest loans for installation
  • Provide free leases of council facilities to local food banks, support services and community gardens
  • Support Council-managed, not-for-profit early childhood education facilities, and push the state government to fund moe publicly-owned free preschools
  • Establish local share-economy initiatives, like toy libraries and tool libraries, so locals can share cost-intensive resources
  • Partner with the National Desexing Network to provide free pet desexing for senior citizens, and establish temporary “pet motels” for renters searching for pet-friendly accommodation
  • Ensure concession holder access to Council facilities such as swimming pools, tennis courts, cricket nets, basketball courts and skate parks
  • Provide free sanitary products and free sunscreen in Council facilities



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    People want strong action on the cost of living and climate crises, and a council that represents their values.

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