I have called Seven Hills home for over 7 years; I am deeply rooted in this community’s fabric. Its rich history, a blend of heritage and diversity, inspires me daily. I am committed to preserving its unique charm while championing progress. My children go to local schools and childcare centres. I want Seven Hills to be the best place in Blacktown to grow up in.

My background as a previous candidate for our local area brings experience in community engagement and consultation. I want to listen to you and your thoughts about how Blacktown Council can improve. This is not just talk, my team and I have been outdoor knocking and presenting petitions to council already and we are just starting.

While the Greens have contested this seat previously, we have been tantalisingly close to victory. Now, with shifting tides and growing support for our platform, Ward 2 is more winnable than ever, but I need your support.

My plan is comprehensive yet pragmatic, drawing from door knocking and community feedback. Issues such as pedestrian safety around Lalor Park shops, accessibility to key transport hubs in Blacktown and greater community involvement in council’s decisions are at the top of my list when I become your next councillor. I will emphasise sustainable development, social justice, and transparent governance.

Though not currently a councillor, my achievements in grassroots initiatives speak volumes. From spearheading local clean-up drives to advocating for green spaces whilst being a candidate during the previous state and federal elections, and my record demonstrates a commitment to tangible results.

Why choose me? Simple. I refuse to shy away from the tough battles, I will consult with you about council’s plans and decisions. Together, let us forge a brighter future for our community—one where everyone is listened to.