Dheera Smith

Councillor for Mid-Coast

Hi, I'm Dheera - your Greens candidate for MidCoast.

Serving my initial term as a Greens Councillor for MidCoast was an exciting journey of growth and learning. Diving into protocols, attending professional development sessions, and thoroughly reviewing staff reports kept me engaged and focused. Over time, I successfully submitted notices of motion and participated actively in community reference groups. I proudly served on the Community Inclusion and Well-Being, Koala Strategy, Heritage, Aboriginal Reference, and Southern Estuaries groups. Additionally, I contributed to the Joint Hunter Weeds/Bio Security group and the NSW Public Library Association.
With a background as a NSW public high school teacher and a radio reporter and journalist in Australia, California, and Connecticut, transitioning to a council role was a fulfilling shift from interviewer to interviewee. The MidCoast faces significant environmental, social justice, and community challenges.
I am eager to embark on a new, full term with a strong focus on climate change protection. Economic development efforts must integrate essential considerations for transport, housing, waste reduction, and marine and riverine protection.
By prioritizing these crucial areas, we can ensure peace, goodwill, and a thriving community for all residents, new citizens, and those whose ancestors have walked these lands since the Dreamtime.



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