MidCoast Greens Candidates – L to R : Sallie Colechin (#6 on ballot), Dr. Jessica Harris (#2 on the ballot), Eleanor Spence (#4 on the ballot), Dheer Smith, Denis Duval (#3 on the ballot), Helen Holliday (#5 on the ballot).

Dheera Smith is a teacher, writer and former news journalist with a life -long dedication to Green planning and the environment. Living and working on Biripi land, Dheera acknowledges the First Nations culture and the need to preserve this land for future generations.

A proud, public high school teacher in regional Australia for nearly 20 years, Dheera enjoys the challenge of teaching country students about the wider world and helping them appreciate and explore their own unique selves and culture.
With two adult sons educated at government schools and universities, Dheera believes that the Mid Coast can only thrive if its people have access to quality education.

Dheera reported on local council and planning during one of the longest droughts in California history. After migrating to Australia, she covered local council for the community radio and the ABC in Bellingen, New South Wales. Before settling in Mondrook with her husband Raj. Dheera lived and worked in Tamworth where she was the Greens candidate for the State seat of Tamworth in the NSW election in 2011.

Her priorities for Council include advocacy for safer roads and public transportation, a working Environment Plan which protects waterways, trees and habitat for all new developments and redevelopments, affordable social housing particularly for school leavers and equitable access to Council resources and jobs for all residents.