Sydney’s housing affordability crisis has hit the Inner West hard. The status quo ‘solution’ has been to push through sub-standard, high-density overdevelopment, without community consent.

On Council, the Greens’ approach to housing affordability will always be to put community need before developer greed. The Greens’ vision is for a sustainable, livable city where housing is affordable and communities have access to high quality public space and infrastructure.

The Greens at all levels of government have been developing and implementing community-driven affordable housing solutions that will actually work.

The work of Greens on the former Marrickville, Leichhardt and Ashfield Councils has developed best practice affordable housing policies, delivered quality, sustainable affordable housing and ensured that affordable housing issue was a priority for Council.

On Council the Greens will:

  1. Strengthen Council’s ability to impose mandatory affordable targets and double the 15% target in the Council’s existing Affordable Housing Policy to ensure our community receives 30% affordable housing from new large, private residential developments (new release areas, brownfield, infill sites, etc).
  2. Devote at least 50% of public land that is re-zoned for residential use to affordable housing, including social and public housing. 
  3. Ensure Council invests in owning and growing its stock of sustainable & affordable housing, and works in collaboration with community housing providers.
  4. Encourage and facilitate investment in community-driven affordable housing projects in the Inner West by the State Government and not-for-profits.
  5. Protect existing affordable, social and public housing from government sell-offs, and demand affordable housing tenants are treated with dignity.
  6. Establish an Inner West Affordable Housing Fund and reduce vacancies by tripling Council rates on dwellings left empty for 12 months, as successfully trialled in London and Vancouver.
  7. Strengthen Council’s ability to protect private-sector affordable housing from gentrification, poor quality and reduced safety standards, including for renters.