Housing should be a human right, not a commodity, even in the Inner West. We are seeing developers cash in on huge developments that don’t include a single apartment that meets the definition of affordable housing – where rent or mortgage repayments are less than 30% of the median household income.

Greens councillors have pushed for Council to commit to a 30% affordable housing target for private developments, and a 50% target for developments on public land, as well as an vacant homes levy so that Council can recover additional rates when investment properties are left empty. Unfortunately these progressive initiatives have been blocked by Liberal and Labor councillors. 

However the Greens have had some wins: we have successfully pushed for the maximum amount of public affordable housing in new developments all across the Inner West. In the development of the new Local Environment Plan, we will seek to secure an affordable housing contribution plan for the whole Inner West, to ensure developers are contributing public affordable housing wherever they go. We have also secured Council’s commitment to developing a Boarding Houses policy that focuses on the safety and wellbeing of boarders and addresses the exorbitant rent many are charged. 

At every level of government the Greens are committed to housing for people, not profit. To find out more about the Greens’ proposal to tackle the housing crisis, check out our Homes For All campaign.