Trish (Patricia) Frail is a proud Ngemba woman, community member and business owner. She has a vision to see Bre how she saw it growing up, a town full of life and loved by all who lived there, which is why she is running for local Council.

Trish has a vision for Brewarrina to become a progressive community that all residents will benefit from, by working with locals to bring new business and enterprise opportunities and seeing an increase in local employment opportunities. She also lives by this, opening her own café in 2021 which employs 5 local staff.

Trish wants to see community more involved in decision-making and in her role on Council she will make sure the council is transparent and held accountable to ensure all residents know what is happening within their Shire and that the smaller towns, such as Weil and Goodooga are taken care of.

Trish will listen to the community and work with the community to advocate for their voice. Trish’s main concerns is employment, tourism, water, the environment, gambling, drugs and housing.