Charles Jago is a Councillor and Deputy Mayor of Canada Bay Council. Having been a local resident for nearly 30 years, he understands local issues such as childcare, waste management, sustainability and housing.  His professional background includes experience in information technology, the electricity industry, adult education, government and community development. 

Key issues in Canada Bay include:

  • the building of excessive high-rise buildings and so-called “boarding houses” with insufficient green space and supporting community infrastructure
  • insufficient affordable housing
  • community residents close to Westconnex are widely dissatisfied with their treatment by Westconnex and the government
  • Inadequate public transport, with 
    • extremely crowded trains serving the stations of Rhodes, Concord West and North Strathfield
    • recent privatisation of buses with the removal of many local bus stops and further reductions in service
    • the NSW government has promised but not delivered rapid transit along Parramatta Road