Hawkesbury City Council

Our Councillors and Our Plan for Hawkesbury
Danielle Wheeler

Danielle Wheeler

Danielle is committed to better services, protection of our environment and heritage and a democratic Council that puts residents first.

Danielle lives in Wilberforce with her husband and son. She and her husband work locally and run a small business. Danielle has a long history of community activism in the Hawkesbury, including as spokesperson for the successful fight to save the Australiana Pioneer Village. She is a committee member for the Hawkesbury Environment Network and a former member of the Heritage Advisory Committee.  Danielle is a scientist and sustainability educator who understands Council processes. As a member of The Greens she is committed to real grass-roots democracy, including an open and transparent Council where residents can speak on all matters.

Clean-up and protect our environment

The Greens will prioritise the environment over development to protect it for the future.

We will clean-up noxious weeds on public land, restore the Regional Illegal Dumping (RID) Squad to target and clean-up illegal dumping, get damaging
wake-boards off the river and put solar power on all Council buildings.

Save Windsor Bridge and Thompson Square

The Greens will never support Option 1 to replace a two lane bridge with a two lane bridge.

We believe that Windsor deserves a bypass that protects our heritage, gets heavy vehicles out of Australia’s third oldest town, and provides a long-term traffic solution for the Hawkesbury.  We will continue to fight for a fair deal from the State Government.

Revitalise historic Windsor

The Greens have a plan to Renew Windsor.

We will employ an Economic Development Officer and introduce free WiFi, pop-up shops, artists, performers and musicians, maker-spaces, Christmas lights and seasonal events to improve business and increase tourism.