Inner West Council

Tom Kiat – Ashfield Ward

A lawyer with Maurice Blackburn Lawyers, and formerly a student and researcher at the University of Sydney, Tom’s working life is characterised by his commitment to social justice, having previously worked resolving legal issues relating to immigration detention and homophobia. Tom attended high school in the Inner West and has lived with his partner in Ashfield for four years.

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Rochelle Porteous – Balmain Ward

Rochelle Porteous has a track record as a strong, principled, effective and accountable Councillor and Mayor of Leichhardt. Rochelle gets in and takes action when something is wrong. Whether it is campaigning to stop high rise development on the Balmain Tigers’ site; fighting to save Callan Park; achieving carbon neutrality for council or developing a supported asylum seeker project she achieves outcomes.

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Colin Hesse – Marrickville Ward

Colin moved to Marrickville in 1985, and is passionate about the community. He served a term as a Councillor on Marrickville Council between 2004 to 2008. On Council he was instrumental in ensuring Council restarted its apprenticeship scheme; creating job opportunities for local young people, actively campaigned for the new public pools in Enmore and Petersham, and incorporating accessibility for people with disabilities into Council’s planning protocols. read more…

Marghanita da Cruz – Leichhardt Ward

Marghanita da Cruz wants to build a community with good footpaths to public transport, community centres and green spaces. Facilities to help us lead active lives. An environment in which we look after our waterways, and harness energy from the sun and wind.

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Louise Steer – Stanmore Ward

Louise is a long term resident of Stanmore, having raised a family while working as a solicitor and barrister. She is a dedicated community activist, keen to make her community a better place. Louise is committed to finding beneficial solutions to the affordable housing problem in the inner west, preserving local green spaces, and protecting the community against the destructive Westconnex toll road project.
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Stop WestConnex, Investment in Great Public Transport

The Greens strongly oppose WestConnex and the Western Harbour Tunnel this means:

  • Employment of top consultants to provide specialist advice on issues such as traffic modelling. Air pollution, tunnel engineering and an updated cost-benefit analysis.
  • Investigation of all potential legal challenges and monitored compliance.
  • All information immediately put in the public realm. No secrets.
  • Support for a council funded campaign against WestConnex.
  • Support for groups campaigning against WestConnex.
  • Strong advocacy against WestConnex and its impacts on the Inner West.
  • Protecting the health and well-being of inner West residents – no unfiltered pollution stacks, no WestConnex.

The Greens will strongly campaign for world-class public transport including:

  • A fully connected public transport network.
  • New light rail routes to Balmain, White Bay and Parramatta Road.
  • Accessible train stations.
  • More frequent buses and no privatisation of our buses.
  • Extend heavy rail, more frequent and better integrated services.
  • Stop the privatisation of the Bankstown train line.
  • No removal of rail tracks in the Rozelle Goods Yard or White Bay.
  • Expand and make safer cycleways and footpaths.

More and safer footpaths and cycleways

The Greens will build links to ensure our local cycleways and footpaths connect us to our schools, shops, parks, train and light rail stations, libraries and community centres.

We will make cycling and walking safer with more dedicated cycleways and well-maintained footpaths and we will deliver the Greenway which will connect Cooks River right through to the Bays Run and Iron Cove Bridge. In addition to the Greenway, we will ensure council spends at least an extra $40 million over 4 years on extending and making safer our cycleways and footpaths.

The Greens are committed to achieving the reopening of the Glebe Island Bridge for cyclists and pedestrians.

Parking Meters

Fairer parking solutions

The Greens believe parking meter fees are too high. So we will reduce all parking meter fees by 25%. We will also turn the meters off at 7pm and retain all 30 min free parking.

Protect and expand Community Services – Develop new community spaces

All three Councils – Leichhardt, Ashfield and Marrickville delivered a wide range of quality services to their local communities. It is important that these services are not only retained but where need expanded and that good practice from one council is adopted by the other council areas.

Examples of just some of these services includes: local libraries, council swimming pools and fitness centres, child care services such as family day care, long day care and occasional day care services, sporting facilities and playing fields, community facilities, services to seniors and young people, waste collection, looking after our parks and playgrounds, maintaining our street trees and caring for our natural environment, mowing the grass verges and running our local cultural and arts programs.

The Greens will:

  • Invest at least $20 million in developing new community, cultural, youth, senior and green spaces – to be owned and run by the community.
  • Protect all council services from the 3 councils and expand them where needed.
  • Ensure that services are responsive to local needs and oppose consolidation of services
  • Oppose any sell off of council facilities or closure of any council facilities.
  • Adopt best practice with delivery of all council services.

Restore Local Democracy

The Greens are committed to restoring local democracy and have led the campaign against forced council amalgamations from day one.

Forced amalgamations are deeply undemocratic and have left the Inner West council under the control of unelected, unaccountable administrator appointed by the state government for 16 months.

Forced amalgamations aren’t about saving money, they are about destroying local connections, removing local planning powers and delivering for developers. The amalgamations mess in the Inner West hasn’t saved money, it has seen local councillors sacked, millions wasted on re- branding and expensive IT contracts and the loss of local services and jobs.

Grassroots democracy means empowering residents, engaging in genuine and meaningful community consultation and ensuring that decisions are being made at the most local level possible.

The Greens will:

  • Give the community the vote that has been denied to them with a binding plebiscite for the 3 council areas.
  • Instigate a new public inquiry into a de-amalgamation of the 3 councils.
  • Review every decision made by the unelected administrator and ensure that all information on the amalgamation is made public.
  • Re-establish the Resident Precinct Committees and the local advisory Committees. We will ensure the Precinct Committees are run with the assistance of council resources but retain their independence of council.
  • Ensure the Open Council Code of Meeting Practice which allows all residents to attend and speak at council meetings without pre-registering is retained.
  • Ensure excellent and meaningful consultation with the community.

Solar Our Community

The Greens are committed to acting on climate change and transitioning to a clean energy future.

In 2008, Greens Councillors committed to making Leichhardt Council carbon neutral in four years – this was achieved in 2012 and Leichhardt Council became the second council in NSW to be certified carbon neutral. Now The Greens plan to make all three Councils carbon neutral by 2020. Not only will The Greens make the Inner West Council carbon neutral; the Greens will Solar Our Community with initiatives to enable everyone who wants it to have rooftop solar on their homes and the develop urban solar farms.

The Greens will:

  1. Enable everyone who wants it, including tenants, to have rooftop solar on their homes
  2. Introduce a cost neutral initiative (i.e. interest free loans) for solar panel purchase and installation
  3. Utilise Council’s purchasing power to negotiate bulk low prices and permit the sale of solar panel kits (and storage) to local residents at cost
  4. Where planning approval is needed for installation of solar panels on difficult sites, large commercial properties or significant heritage buildings, not only waive all planning fees but provide additional council assistance to enable installations
  5. Make the Inner West Council carbon neutral by 2020 which will include conducting a comprehensive audit of all council energy use; renewing energy inefficient equipment; transferring to renewable energy use and where possible, solar panels on  all Council buildings
  6. Develop community-owned renewable energy projects. These projects could include urban solar farms such as photovoltaic systems for car parks, shopping centres, schools or large buildings
  7. Develop incentives for landlords and strata to install solar on behalf of tenants & residents
  8. Install electric car and bicycle charging stations in the Inner West Council sites
  9. Build and adapt council buildings, infrastructure and open spaces to be climate smart
  10. Support micro-grid initiatives