I am a medical specialist and academic who came to live in Woolwich in 2015. Along with Kate and our five adult children, I love the area’s natural bushland and harbour-side setting along with its leafy gardens. I would like to protect and renew the natural environment, extend access to its beautiful shoreline, and promote community health and engagement. Most importantly, I would like to help Hunters Hill Council to take early and effective action on the climate emergency it has declared. Having absorbed the data on rising temperatures and atmospheric CO2 from our climate scientists, having lived through the catastrophic drought, fires and disastrous air quality of Christmas 2019, and now listening to the warning sounded in the UN Climate Report, I would like to represent community members who, like me, believe that sensible, cost-effective measures can and should be implemented at local as well as national levels without further delay.

A former Dean of Medicine at the University of Sydney, I have a track record of policy development and its early implementation, as well as budget management. My commitment to health and healthy lifestyles continues in my role as Professor Emeritus through the University’s Charles Perkins Centre, which takes a multi-disciplinary approach in research and education to understand, prevent and treat diseases of our modern western lifestyles. My commitment to medical care continues as a physician in Endocrinology at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. 

If elected as your representative on Hunters Hill Council, I will be a voice for constructive, timely and effective change, including early action on the climate emergency. I will also work to promote a healthy and engaged community that continues to draw inspiration from Moocooboola, the land between the two rivers, and our First Nations and European roots.