Kiama Municipal Council

Our Councillors and Our Plan for Kiama Municipal Council

Our Vision for Kiama

Kiama Greens Councillors, over 20 years, have earned the trust of the community when it comes to protecting the unique
character of the region from inappropriate developments and over-development.

  • We will continue the fight to protect our towns from over-development, to save the agricultural lands between Gerringong and Gerroa and protect Jamberoo from urban sprawl.
  • We will support genuine sustainable development that meets community needs and expectations and minimises
    environmental impacts.
  • We will encourage and develop opportunities for improving the cultural and social lives of residents and visitors
    including the Kiama Arts Precinct and the Gerringong Museum and Library.
  • We support the high level of services that Council provides to the community.
  • We will continue to protect our natural areas, from our forest ecosystems to the beautiful coastline.
  • We will manage council’s budget responsibly to help ensure council remains independent.
  • Elected Greens Councillors will vote independently on all matters and consider every issue on its merits.
Andrew Sloan

Andrew Sloan

Andrew is a civil engineer and current Councillor from Kiama with a young family. He has over 20 years experience in water and environmental management, and holds a Masters Degree in planning and local government law. He is a proven campaigner in the fight to keep decision-making local and ensuring that community needs are always the highest priority for council.

He worked hard to oppose the State Government’s plan for a four-fold increase in annual population growth rates for the area that threatened the prime agricultural land and natural areas surrounding Gerringong, Jamberoo and Kiama.

“The rolling green hills, beautiful coastline and village character is loved by residents and visitors alike, and I will continue to fight to see those protected from urban sprawl”.

Andrew’s other key priorities include improving facilities for families with children, improving water quality in our estuaries and
on our beaches, protecting our heritage precincts, switching to cost effective renewable energy wherever possible, and improving traffic flow in the ‘west end’ of Kiama.

“I am very proud to be part of such an excellent Greens team. People trust us to always put community need before developer greed and to stand up for the things that make this area so special to us all.”

Kathy Rice

Kathy Rice

Kathy is a high school science teacher and current Councillor, who lives in Kiama Downs with her husband and one of her sons. She is passionate about strengthening Kiama’s features as a Healthy City and increasing regional agricultural

Throughout the current Council term Kathy has taken an active role in the management of Blue Haven and chairs the Health and Sustainability and Youth Advisory committees of Council.

Kathy is genuinely interested in community opinion and likes to keep abreast of the concerns and mood of the community. She has made considerable achievements as a Councillor in the areas of health, infrastructure planning, food security and Kiama’s ongoing independence.

“The community know that we can be relied upon to recognise their needs and support the high level of community services Council provides, in particular the expansion of retirement services, the arts and youth services.”

“I will always work to support better environmental outcomes; appropriate opportunities for community consultation; healthy
urban design; and listening to the community.”