Sign the petition. Cessnock Council needs a Bushranger!

The stream of illegal dumping in the bush throughout the Cessnock LGA is disgusting. Instead of the usual Rangers, it’s time for Cessnock Council to hire a Bushranger. And have the NSW State Government to pay for it!


It’s time to stamp out illegal dumping. It’s time to take action. Our bushland is used by many residents for walking, bike riding, horse riding, trail bike riding and bird watching. We shouldn’t have to look at this!

Our bushland around Cessnock is recognized as a biodiversity hotspot, with many unique native birds, plants and animals. Visitors come from around the country to see what we have in our backyard. And more would come if it wasn’t such an eyesore in so many places. It can be embarrassing to take visitors into the bush because of the disgusting piles of other people’s waste!



Sign my petition and have your name added to the letter which will be sent to the Mayor and all Cessnock Councillors demanding that a Bushranger be employed.

Dear Councillors,


We’ve had enough of a small number of people in our community ruining the bushland for everyone else! It’s time to stamp out illegal dumping. We want Council to hire a “Bushranger” who goes out to the dumping hotspots at weekends, when dumping is taking place, and identifies those who are doing the wrong thing and why!

Further, we request that Council applies to the State Government to fund this position from the Waste Levy collected.

Help make our bushland something we can be proud of!


Yours sincerely,

    Disclaimer: After signing this petition, you may be contacted by the Greens NSW.

    “We ask Cessnock Council to appoint a Bushranger and stamp out illegal dumping”

    – Janet Murray candidate for Cessnock Mayor and Ward D