Goulburn Mulwaree Council

Our Councillors and Our Plan for Goulburn Mulwaree Council
Leah Ferrara

Leah Ferrara

Leah was born in Goulburn and continues to reside here. She completed her schooling at Mulwaree High School and now works as a manager in hospitality.

Leah is supportive of local events where she regularly attends markets and shows at the Lieder Theatre as well as charity events like the White Ribbon Ball, Angels for the Forgotten Ball, participating in Relay for Life and the Goulburn Sustainability Festival.

Leah owns a house in Goulburn and plans to raise a family here.

As councillor, Leah belives that Goulburn has the potential to grow into a stronger, more vibrant city and that all it needs is people who are willing to work for its future. Leah believes the community needs a council with a variety of people to represent them and their concerns.

Better Art, Youth and Green Spaces

  • Improve our region’s great parks and spaces to make them safe, beautiful and people friendly
  • Install children’s play areas, cycle ways and walking paths in new housing estates
  • Encourage local participation in tree planting, tree and land care
  • Install fitness equipment in parks and spaces for resident health
  • Incorporate local art projects ie. murals, paintings and sculptures with youth participation
  • Support outdoor entertainment from local performing arts organisations e.g.  Lieder Theatre,  Rocky Hill Musical Theatre Company and the Goulburn Regional Conservatorium
  • Protect and improve wildlife friendly spaces and waterways e.g Goulburn Wetlands, Wollondilly River, street tree planting

Community owned Solar

  • Support initiatives like the Goulburn Community Solar Farm
  • Encourage the take up of solar across the city, farms and villages
  • Install LED street lighting across the city and villages
  • Reduce Council’s energy costs through solar and energy efficiency
  • A clean and green reputation to attract visitors, start-ups and new residents

A Local Economy for the Future

  • Support ‘buy local’ campaign, local business and local jobs
  • Facilitate clean energy projects and jobs
  • Revitalise Auburn Street shopping and café culture
  • Create safe, attractive pedestrian pathways to better connect the CBD and parking areas e.g. Ellesmere Street car park