Dr Ingrid Schraner, 2021 Greens candidate for Lake Macquarie, West Ward

As the Greens Candidate for the West Ward of Lake Macquarie City Council I am excited to work hard for a good future for all of us around our beautiful Lake.

I grew up in Switzerland, studied economics and worked in community development all over the world. After two decades as an Australian economics and finance academic I settled on the Western shores of Lake Macquarie four years ago. I love the Lake and the country around it and want to contribute my experience to the work of our Council to make sure we create a local economy that provides good, long-term jobs and sustains communities where people take care of each other and the environment.

I now work with the Hunter Community Environment Centre as the Research Coordinator of the Coal-ash Community Alliance investigating safe uses for the coal ash stored around our Lake and then collaborating with industry to develop markets for those products, so that the ash in the dams can be reduced and they can be managed keeping the Lake, the land, the air and the people safe.

I have experienced how local government can play an important role in fostering economic development that puts people before profits, in supporting businesses and the general public in taking action on climate change, in fostering the use of renewable energies and in building stronger communities.

Let’s build a strong campaign together, so that we can get our Greens team elected and working on Council towards a future for all of us!